Chad Mitchell Photography & Design


I have a passion in graphic design and photography. Places traveled, events attended and people met have shaped the artist that I am. A subject’s history and circumstances will influence your life – if only slightly.

I document my subject in every manner and angle I can. I capture the smaller details, the inner workings and bring attention to the mundane. I feel an image has more interest when it is depicted in a manner not commonly seen.

“Wedding day celebrations” to the “championship game,” I’ve been fortunate to cover it all.

To envision an end product, design or capture it as planned and then sharing it, has been the process and reward in striving to better myself each time I create. I appreciate the creative process and the allowance to start with nothing and end with a polished, finished piece.

When your heart’s in it and you enjoy it, you reward yourself each time you go to work.
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